Carers Trust Lea Valley Crossroads Care Service has offered a specialist service to the Carers of young people 16-25 transitioning into the adult system, assisted living or further education and have complex additional needs. We are proud to have maintained this service since 2011.  This project supports the Carers of young people with learning, physical or other additional needs at the critical point of their moving from children’s to adult services or when experiencing change within the educational or adult provision in Enfield. In the borough this is predominantly a free from charge charitable service or though outside of Enfield charges may apply.

For further details please contact us either by phone on 020 8373 6210 or email

During Carers Week there will be the chance to meet with our transitions expert qualified staff, again to find out more call us on 020 8373 6210.

Image of Mother and adult son
Mother and adult son