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Carers Rights Day 2019 Event at Enfield Carers Centre! Another success for your rights!

Carers Rights Day 2019 Event at Enfield Carers Centre! Another success for your rights!

Well, another great year for Carers Rights Day 2019 at the Enfield Carers Centre!

This year, on 21th November is the Carers Rights Day and we are celebrating it at Enfield Carers Centre in Baker Street, EN1 3JL.

When Carers are better informed there is more chance of getting the support they need. 

Are you looking after someone who needs your help because they’re either ill, disabled, have mental ill health or a substance misuse issue?

If so, you’re a carer and Crossroads Care Service and Enfield Carers Centre (ECC) can help you.

At a time when Carers services are very heavily under threat these days, The Carers Rights Day help you with:

  1. Make aware of your rights
  1. Let you know where and how to get help and support
  1. Raise awareness of your needs

Hopefully, a lot of you will manage to benefit from the sessions available and understand what you are entitled in terms of rights to involvement in care planning, carers assessments, benefits entitlements, pension credit etc.

Enfield Carers Centre, like us are part of the Carers Trust “family” and are Network Partners as are Crossroads.

Are You Missing Out? – Know your Rights as a Carer, Contact us and ask for a carers assessment it may make your life as a carer a little easier. 

Join us and all Carers Trust affiliated organisations in helping make your voice as a carer heard on 21th November.

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