National Pensioners Convention Campaine — We Need A National Social Care Service


Our social care system is broken. Since 2010 there have been over £5bn worth of cuts to funding and as a result over 1.2million people no longer get the care they need. Those who pay for their own care in a home often face higher bills than those who are sup-ported by their local authority. No wonder that every year, 30,000 people have to sell their homes to foot their bills. It’s clear we therefore need a new model for social care – one that shares the cost across society as a whole and improves access to services, as well as standards of care.  We need a National Social Care Service funded through general taxation and free at the point of delivery like the NHS.  To get quality care, staff must be properly trained and paid.  Services should be brought into the public sector. The NPC’s Dignity Code should be adopted by all local authorities, hospitals and care providers to help ensure proper standards of care.

You can help us to by:
Contacting your MP and asking them to support the introduction of a National Care Service for all.  Getting in touch with your local council, GP and hospital and ask them to support the NPC’s Dignity Code as a way of improving standards (the NPC can supply copies)

The National Pensioners Convention is Britain’s biggest campaigning organisation for older people, with over 1m members across the UK. The work we do benefits not only today’s pensioners, but the pensioners of tomorrow as well.

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Jill is the current Chief Executive of the Charity and has managed Crossroads since 1988 and has steered us through 28 of the 31 years that the charity has been in existence.