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Case Studies from People we care in Enfield

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Shadeen - Enfield

Thank you to Crossroads, we really do appreciate all of the support. Several weeks ago I suffered two bereavements in a short time, and was referred to crossroads by a friend. The next day Sam was here, then a week later Marcela started. Now it’s four weeks on, my room’s looking different and I’m feeling different too. Bless you so much, It's been amazing. Marcela's been very, very good because she isn't even well today and I said she can stop, but she said “no, we’re carrying on”. I think to myself, if all the other carers are like Marcela, then everyone else is going to feel much better, so thank you and bless you all. It has made a big difference, I feel like I am getting back in control.

home care enfield

Gladys - Enfield

I love all your ladies. They are all smashing! I can't fault any of them and we have a damn good laugh

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Care Support Worker for Martin-Cleveland

I've been working with Crossroads for over 12 years, and one of my favourite clients is Martin. He has a mischievous side to him that some may find challenging, but I find quite endearing. When well, Martin is always cheerful and playful and has a rowdy streak to his nature - he's one of the lads! His parents, Richard and Eileen are wonderfully attentive and loving parents who are kind and generous to those who support him, a nicer couple you have never met! Over the years, I've grown to love and appreciate the Rogers family, and wish them nothing but the best for now, and in the future!

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