Carers Rights Day 2017 Event at Enfield Carers Center another success for your rights!

Well another great year for Carers Rights day at the Enfield Carers Center. Hopefully a lot of you managed to benefit from the sessions available  and are now better supported and informed on your rights at a time when Carers services are very heavily under threat. Join us and all Carers Trust affiliated organisations in helping make your voice as a carer heard!

Enfield Carers Center, like us are part of the Carers Trust “family” and are Network Partners as are Crossroads.

Until another year below is a reminder of the great events put on for you at the 2017 event

When Cares are better informed there is more chance of getting the support they need.

Are you looking after someone who needs your help because they’re either ill, disabled, have mental ill health or a substance misuse issue? If so, you’re a carer and Enfield Carers Center (ECC) can help you.

Are You Missing Out? – Know Your Rights As A Care, Contact Enfield Carers Center and ask for a carers assessment it may make your life as a carer a little easier. 

Dony delay call them today on 02083623718.