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We’re looking for care support workers to join our team!

Care Support Worker - Enfield Area Are you happy to support individuals and their families through difficult times? Are you willing to understand the client enough to provide a special quality of care? We are Carers Trust Lea Valley Crossroads Care Service, the number one local charity supporting carers and people with care needs, in Enfield since 1986. We offer short term replacement care, to meet the individual needs of adults and children, within their own…

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Carers who need respite care are advised to request a Carers Assessment of their needs

Request a carers assessment through Enfield Council Do you need respite care so you can have a life outside of caring? If this is you and you have not requested a carers assessment through Enfield Council then please think about getting one done today! Why? Carers have a right to have their needs assessed in their own right not just the needs of the person they care for. By getting a carers assessment  may mean…

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