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“Knowing my husband’s in safe hands when I go out, also he really likes the girls who come to visit. They are very helpful and will do anything to help”
Quality of Service 10/10
“Having support from Crossroads Care has been a great help. I am able to use the timeto do so many things I can’t do. Thank you so much! Your help is really appreciated.”
Quality of Service 9/10
“The service lets me go to my full time job. Without the Care Support Worker I would not be able to do so. I have confidence in the Care Support Worker.”
Quality of Service 10/10
“You provide an excellent service which allows me (daughter + carer) to take my mother out once a week as my father cannot be left alone. It gives both my mother & myself peace of mind to know that my father is left with an excellent Care Support Worker”
Quality of Service 10/10
“I have worked for Crossroads Lea Valley for the last 16 years and now at 72, have decided I need to have a break myself. I have learned so much and met such wonderful people, from young children, to one lady who was over 100! I have loved the variety and flexibility of working with a committed team, who share my passion for helping others. I have met so many lovely people, who all have difficulties that have meant they need others to care for them, as they cannot cope on their own. As much as I have had to give emotionally in this job, the warmth and satisfaction it has given me has been immense and although I am retiring, if you ever need me just call”  (2017 Nikkei)
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